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The more inside, the more outside.

This collection is inspired by the Indian text Bhagavad Gita, which represents Mankind's eternal struggle in search of its true Self, a Higher Self that leads us to the way of Good and Ethics.   This series of collages enacts internal conflicts within ourselves. The journey of life, which brings us face to face with many challenges. The symbol of the swords appears at this work to represent the  internal war and the duality existing in all the individuals. We are in permanent struggle against our greatest enemy. Ourselves. We are warriors of our very existence. The lines or the birds (winged heads) represent the connection with wisdom, which elevates the consciousness and provides the discernment between good and evil, right and wrong. It's what drives us up, propels us.   The philosophical message of this collection is in the belief that "the more inside, the more outside. It is a call to reflection.

Dominate yourself, and you dominate the universe.

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